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Artist Interview #2: Painter and Mixed Media Artist Juliet Pusateri

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Juliet Pusateri is an artist and educator who lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. She received her BHA in creative writing and art from Carnegie Mellon University. Her work reflects her interest in stories. Juliet is the assistant curator of education, experiential learning for children & families at Carnegie Museum of Art. She is a teaching artist and co-author of Art Chat, a collaborative project with Ashley Andrykovitch. She participated in the 2014 Pittsburgh Biennial at Pittsburgh Glass Center and SOFA Chicago 2014. She is currently participating in the Center for Creative Reuse's first ever artist residency.
On an unusually sunny day in February, we visited her sun-filled studio on the second floor of the home she and her husband renovating together.
Where can we find you online? is the Art Chat website that Ashley Andrykovitch and I started, where we posted all the articles for the Union Hall Times, which was Bar Marco's newspaper, but is no more. We are in the process of turning Art Chat into a call-in radio show on WMBS 590 AM, a station out of Uniontown, PA. Folks can call in from Fayette County, or I guess Pittsburgh, too. It streams online at
[ed note: the first episode was 2/27]
I have a website,, but nothing but the domain is there.
Where are you from?
I grew up in Ellicott City, 15 minutes west of Baltimore. My folks still live there. I moved to PGH for undergrad, then moved away for a short time, then back since then. I own a home in Bloomfield with my husband Jason.
Why do you choose to make art in Pittsburgh?
One of the big reasons is that Jason and I have awesome jobs that we like a lot that are unique to Pittsburgh. I work at the Carnegie Museum of Art and Jason works at Pittsburgh Glass Center. And that is why we even live in this neighborhood because we live so close to both of those places.
What is your favorite part of being an artist in Pittsburgh?
Overall, Pittsburgh is a collaborative place, and so I value all the interesting intersections that happen because of that in various disciplines and fields, and that collaborative vibe.
What would you love to see more of in the Pittsburgh art scene?
Improving or raising a culture of awareness about compensating artists for their work and ideas, as opposed to expecting that recognition for a project is enough.
[ed note: cosign!]
What's your favorite music to jam out to in the studio?
I thought that question was funny. As it happens, mostly, I just listen to audiobooks. I love listening to books because I feel like I can work for a much longer time. So, I'm listening to David Sedaris right now. You can check out these audiobook players from the library.
What other things do you do when you are not making art? That is if you have any free time?
Other things include renovating this house. I also like to see art and travel whenever possible.
What would you tell other artists who are just starting out?
I would tell artists just starting out to make things with your friends. It makes sure you get things done and have someone to bounce your ideas off of and there is a lot of opportunity for your ideas to kind of build on themselves and grow in a new direction.
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