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Artsy Gift Guide 2017

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There's no doubt that there are some great deals to be found at big box stores but Nathan and I specifically try as much as possible to buy gifts from artisans, makers, and other small businesses. The mission of Porter Loves Creative is all about supporting artists and empowering them to thrive, largely because that's a core value that we hold personally. So without further ado, I present the very first PLC Artsy Gift Guide. It includes both individual artisans (not necessarily local), local Pgh events to shop handmade, and local Pgh brick and mortar shops that sell handmade objects year round. It's not comprehensive or exhaustive by any means as I decided to put this together on a whim. Next year will involve more advanced planning but in the meantime, here's some of our faves:

Artists + Creatives

Rayo and Honey

Bold crisp text reminiscent of pop art motifs while incorporating a modern element, my pennants are each cut, pieced and designed by my hands, in a Brooklyn NY studio, utilizing 100% organic cotton for pennants, black cotton bias tape for hang string, oak for hang rods and laser cut felt for letters.

Maria Mangano

Maria Mangano is an artist whose work focuses on the intersection of nature, museums, and science to address issues of wildness, conservation, memory, and humanness.

Mazetoons by Joe Wos

Joe Wos has been a professional cartoonist since the age of 14. His career path over the past 30 years has taken as many twists and turns as one of his mazes, as he finds new and innovative ways to pursue his passion for the cartoon arts.

Dawn Pogany

Dawn's work is easily recognizable due to her unique implementation of newspaper in various methods. Typically using only vintage materials on canvass, she breathes life back into long forgotten stacks from nearby basements as well as homes as far as France and Great Britain.

Heuristic Tee

Hats and tees. Plain and simple.

Aimee Bungard

Aimee Bungard is an artist living and working in rural Southwestern, Pa. She decided in second grade that she wanted to be an artist and that was that.

Adam Grossi

Adam is an artist, yoga practitioner, and writer, in no particular order.

Xmittens by Amber Coppings

Amber Coppings Designs is the creative alternative to mass market fashion she has always envisioned.

Jordan Corcoran + Erin Fox

Write It Out is a journal with 40 prompts to help you transfer your thoughts onto paper so that you may free your mind and speak your truth.

Emily Marko

Nearly 1 in 3 people aren’t getting the sleep they deserve! Whether you are stressing about your to-do list, worrying about an upcoming project, spewing off ideas in your head, or simply searching for a moment of peace, we have all suffered from a sleepless night. In Wide Awake, you will discover what keeps you up at night by taking the sleepless archetype quiz.

Little Treasures Project - Melissa + Bailey Graham

Bailey and Melissa are just a nature loving tot and a design loving mom who create beautiful things using objects they find outside.

Thomas Waters

Waters work may best be described as mixed-media because it rarely obeys the rules of formalist photography; sometimes painting or sewing onto his work, or mixing the photographic image with other media or processes.

Laura Zurowksi

Mis.Steps is a multi-year endeavor to visit all of the 700+ city stairs listed in Bob Regan’s book, Pittsburgh Steps. The first issue will be available December 1, 2017, and can be purchased on Laura's website as well as at the City of Asylum Bookstore and Copacetic Comics.

McGinnis + Bean by Sam Laffey and Nathan J. Shaulis

Shameless self-promotion here as this is the site where we sell our own creative work, originals and reproductions of paintings and photographs. Bonus: See cute pups as they hock our work on our behalf!

Sinclair Jewelry

Sinclair Jewelry is run by husband and wife team Brian Hagan and Brandy Sinclair. We’ve been making historicaly inspired jewelry and replicas for over ten years. We have a blend of art degrees, teaching experience and professional certifications that are rarely seen in independent jewelry artists. History is our passion, so we want to share it with as many people as possible.

Natiq Jalil

Natiq Jalil is a self-taught artist who believes that true art begins during those moments between being asleep and being awake.

Krisztina Lazar

Are you tired of the same kids wear everyone else has for their girls? Not anymore. You can get your daughter, niece or little sister the coolest and most unique jacket that no one else will have.

Ribbon + Twine Gifts

A curated selection of fine local goods. Can't decide which artisanal product makes the perfect gift? Pick one of the hand packed gift boxes and give a variety of the best the 'burgh has to offer.

Skin is the body's largest organ and is crucial to one's overall health and well-being. Eryn tries to grow and ethically wildharvest ingredients within the seasons for the most efficacy and relevance. She avoids genetically engineered or unsustainable products and chooses certified-organic ingredients whenever possible.

A project of Casey Droege Cultural Productions. In the spirit of the agricultural CSA model, shareholders won't know what they are getting until they've opened up their box of art!

Bridge Witches: A Tarot Deck

Bridge Witches Tarot is an effort to combine a deep appreciation for the witchy path of tarot wisdom with the many and diverse communities within the City of Pittsburgh.

Leaf & Twig

At Leaf & Twig, we combine herbal knowledge with good taste to help support your individual health needs. We hand-craft our own herbal recipes in small batches creating organic loose-leaf teas and tisanes for you to savor. The flavor of our products is just as important as the life supporting benefits you experience.

Kelly Elaine - Curly Hair Artist

Kelly Elaine, Inc., a curly hair salon and such, is Pittsburgh’s premier naturally curly hair salon. KEI’s mission is to teach people of all cultures in a happy fun environment how to achieve their healthiest best curls possible.

In-Person Events

Pittsburgh Shops

These brick and mortar stores stock and sell handmade goods all year round:

The Shop at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Contemporary Craft

love, Pittsburgh


The Artsmiths of Pittsburgh

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