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Call for Nominations

As some eras come to a close, others must begin. Inspired by the conclusion of Kate Stoltzfus' Yinzpiration interviews and my participation in Jenny Karlsson's Personality Prints series, a new interview series will be born here on this blog. And who might we be interviewing here at Porter Loves Creative? You guessed it! Artists.
Pittsburgh artists specifically.
The community of artists in the greater Pittsburgh region is rich and talented. As a distinct continuation of our mission to empower them to thrive in their creative practice, we want to shine more light upon them and what they create.
Through our connections in the glass world and the photography world, we've got a few favorites to start with on this interview series, but we don't just want to interview people we already know.
That's where you come in!
Do you know a talented artist in the Pittsburgh region that is making awesome shit and needs to be recognized? Tell us about them!
Send an email with his or her name, whatever contact information you have might have, and why you think they rock.
Interviews will occur in person and include an environmental portrait session of them working in their studio space, wherever that may be. We will thank interviewees for their time with digital copies of these photos.
We are so looking forward to meeting individuals that make up the creative force that is the Pittsburgh arts community and spotlighting all they do to make our region the vibrant place that we love to live and work.
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