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Client Feature: Cara Rufenacht

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Cara Rufenacht is a Pittsburgh based wedding photographer and website designer.
Recently, she contacted me (Sam) to help with some of the copy for the relaunch of her wedding photography website. Cara was totally clear on who she is as a photographer and what she wants her clients to feel when they visit her site, but she wanted help getting the words to do that work.
Cara is really intentional about the work she does and the couples she works with.  This made me feel extra special that she chose to work with me on this reboot of her site. This was truly a collaborative effort. Cara put a lot of ideas on the table, answered questions thoughtfully, and was open to feedback.
"Sam is honest and easy to work with. She asked questions, provided constructive feedback when needed and helped me focus on the type of client I want to reach. Sam wasn't afraid to say, "hey, this part isn't working for you" which is something I truly appreciated. She made my words sound more like me than I ever could." - Cara Rufenacht
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