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Client Feature: Laura Beth Konopinski

· client feature,glass,mixed media
Laura Beth Konopinski is a local artist using glass for its clarity and optical qualities to provide a canvas that can be dimensionally distorted and layered with imagery. She sees glass as a material that is strong, fragile, sensitive, transparent, and dangerous. These traits are reflected in the concepts of her sculptures that often incorporate organic material.
This past Spring, Laura participated in an invitational exhibition at the Blue Rain Gallery in Santa Fe, NM for which she created several new pieces. It was a true pleasure to photograph Laura's work before it went to this show. As you can see, each piece is loaded with whimsical, and intriguing details. I honestly felt like I could get lost in each of these sculptures for days on end.
"These photos are fabulous. Thank you for spending so much time with my pieces. Honestly, you've made them come alive." -Laura Beth Konopinski
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