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Get your headshot at Percolate, a FullTimePgh event

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You may not think a picture of yourself is one of the most important self-promotional tools in your arsenal, but it is. Yes, we’re talking about headshots.

You know we’re all about being prepared instead of scrambling to pull things together last-minute. So, of course, we’re including “Have a Professional Headshot” in our list of “Shit You Should Have as an Artist who Wants to be Taken Seriously.” You’ll thank us when you’re invited to speak at a conference, asked to include a bio along with a published work, or selected to be featured on an important website.

People make a decision on whether they can trust you or not based on how you present yourself. A professionally-photographed headshot is an asset you need as a maker. It’s most often the first impression people have of you when you submit a proposal to a gallery or to apply for a grant. Hell, even if you’re writing a blog. If you only have a headshot with which to do that, for the love of Porter, make it count.

And of course, this investment isn’t just used for applications and conferences. You’ll use it all over the web. You have a website, social profiles, and blog, right? You can - no, you absolutely should - use a professionally-photographed headshot in all of these places. It’ll project a professional image.

Who wouldn’t want to work with the artist that looks like their studio is color-coded and never leaves brushes perched precariously on the edge of their workspace instead of the one who looks like they eat their meals off of a frisbee? Bonus, you’ll have a good looking picture for your Tinder profile.

Speaking of good looking: a professional will make your best features shine through. So what if you think you don’t take good pictures? A good pro knows the tricks, how to use lighting, which angles work best, and so on. You’ll wish you could walk around with professional lighting like that all the time!

Oh, and please don’t use that grainy picture your aunt took of you 5 summers ago at the family reunion. Update your headshots regularly. Styles, appearances, even confidence levels change. This is all captured through a great headshot.

So now that we’re stepping off our soapbox about why you need a professional headshot, we’re going to help you achieve it. We’re giving you the chance to get a professional headshot on a dime as part of this year’s FullTimePGH.

Join us at Percolate : Art Space, Gallery, Creative Laboratory this Friday, April 21st, 2017, from 2 - 6 PM for Lightning Headshots + Impact. Wear something that feels great and emulates you and your brand, pick a basic gray backdrop or add a colored pop for some creative pizzazz (which you can help us select here), and be done in just 5 minutes.

Before or after your lightning shoot, grab a snack and check out the amazing work on display in Percolate Gallery’s Impact show, featuring Darrell Kinsel, Bob Ziller, Jason Sauer, and Marcel Lamont Walker.

Advanced registration and payment is requested. Participants are welcome to show up anytime from 2-6pm on April 21.

$25 includes the lightning shoot and 2 high-resolution images delivered via email within 3 weeks. Register for Lightning Headshots + Impact and get your shit together!

PS: Need more reasons to get a professional headshot? Perhaps this list of 6 reasons will solidify it for you.

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