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Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are

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If you know Nathan or me personally, you know that in addition to being huge supporters of arts and culture, we're supporters of people. Not surprisingly with business names such as Porter Loves Creative and Porter Loves Photography, we support love.

As such we support marriage equality, immigration, refugee resettlement, health care access, a woman's right to choose what to do with her own body among other things like being anti-racist. We do our best to speak out on all of the above issues, but as partners in business and a dual self-employment household, we are not yet able to contribute as much as we'd like to in support of these causes.

We've also not made a big point of including these strong views in our business communications for fear of alienating people. But when it comes down to it, our business is an extension of ourselves. And just like we won't be BFFS with everyone we come into contact with, not everyone will wish to patronize our business for one reason or another.

All of this is to introduce that a) we will be more vocal about these issues through our business platform when it's relevant and b) we've launched a Society6 shop featuring prints and products using our own artwork. 50% of all proceeds from sales in this shop will be donated to the ACLU. So we hope you'll think of us when seeking out unique creative gifts or when you need a little something for yourself.

And of course, no venture from us would be complete without puppy involvement so follow along with our Instagram page where Porter and Jeanie promote the art that their hoomans make. :)

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