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Support Local Artists - Soup N'At

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Soup N’at is a quarterly event held at the Union Project that raises funds for artists to realize their dream projects. Approximately five finalists will be chosen to present their proposals to an audience of soup loving attendees. At the end of the night, each attendee will cast a vote for their favorite project. The winning artist will walk away with all of the night’s proceeds to bring their dream to life.

This Sunday, March 12 from 6-8pm, a project that Porter Loves Creative is sponsoring will be one of the finalists!

Local artist Carolyn Pierotti of Purple Room Fine Art - LLC is curating a powerful exhibition titled “DIGS- Sexism in the Arts” to be presented at Artist Image Resource in May of this year.
DIGS - little jabs that you receive on the daily reminding you that you’re a woman in a man’s world.
The exhibition will include new work by 13 Pittsburgh women who have faced sexism and how it intersects with race and/or age in their artistic practice.
Carolyn is currently working on raising funds to create a catalog to serve as a permanent documentation of this show, the artists, their work and the stories they will tell.

At Soup N'at, for your $10 cash donation at the door, you get access to:

  • Delicious soup from a local restaurant
  • A voting ballot
  • Entertainment
  • Beer
  • The unmistakable satisfaction that comes with supporting our local artists

Will you join us on Sunday to support Carolyn's project?

Looking for a chance to take the stage? Submit your application for a chance to have your dream project funded! Union Project's Soup N'at program is here to help artists of all mediums and persuasions take your dream one step further to reality.

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