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Three reasons why a pro should photograph your work

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You’ve worked extremely hard to find inspiration, carve out the time to create, and complete your piece of art. But it isn’t done until it’s documented - and documented well. Hiring a professional photographer to capture your work and your process is the final step.

Having a visual representation of your work that looks good and captures the true-to-life colors and nuances helps you sell yourself and your work so you can keep doing what you love. There’s a catch; only a photographer who has been consistently practicing his art can do yours justice.

Here’s why a professional photographer can capture your art better than you can and why you should hire one to do so.

Show Your Work in the Best Light

There’s a lot of time and consideration that went into choosing materials, textures, colors, and other design aspects of your piece. That’s what makes your work unique and yours! It would be a shame to lose that detail when it matters: when it’s time to show it off.

When it does come time to share your work with a curator, collector, or grant panel, the first impression matters. A photograph that looks like they’re seeing it in real life with all its detailed glory is essential. Just like a well-photographed headshot is your best first impression, think of this as your art’s headshot.

You can talk to your photographer so he understands what you wish to showcase about your piece and (literally) capture it in the best light possible. Proper lighting makes a big difference in the quality of finished photos. This tell-tale sign shows that you’re a pro who invested in your art.

Furthermore, having high-resolution images makes it possible for you to add your work to business cards, mailers, and other print collateral you use to highlight your pieces. Hell, it’ll make your website look super-professional, too!

Free Up Time to do What You Really Want

This is just a guess, but we bet you’d rather be doing 1,000 other things than struggling to photograph your art. And what’s more, just because you took a picture doesn’t mean it’s a good quality, print-worthy shot. It isn’t an easy process when you don’t do it all the time.

Think about the opportunity cost of this struggle. What else could you accomplish with that time? Put another way: what are you missing out on because you’re using double the time a pro would trying to get the money shot? You could: create more work, send pitch emails to galleries in your area, have a coffee date with another artist, exercise, cook yourself a nourishing meal, and so on.

This is an investment in your work so you can have time (and hopefully money) to create more of it.

Have a Consistent, Dependable Record of Your Art

Your style, process, and medium may (nay, will) change over time. Photographing your art is a great way to watch that evolution unfold. Not only does it show you where you’ve come from, but it can provide a source of inspiration, especially on those struggle days when you’re questioning why you’re doing it all (seriously, it can’t be just us).

Plus, documenting this evolution helps tell your story. You can point to where you’ve been, the different steps it took to create a collection or specific piece, and any other element you wish to highlight.

Producing photos of consistently high quality year after year is something we as photographers specialize in. While your process may change and the pieces being captured may vary, the photography will not. It’s dependable, repeatable, and makes for a great portfolio.

Would you trust your dog to tell you if your frame is level? No! (Unless you have a special dog, in which case, let us introduce you to Porter and Jeanie. They rock, but their fine motor skills could use some work.) Alright, that’s a bit of a stretch. Maybe let’s say if you can’t add 2+2, would you do your own taxes? Nope. So do the work you’re good at and let someone else do what they’re good at. It’ll help you shine as the professional artist you are.

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