• What?

    You may not think a picture of yourself is one of the most important self-promotional tools in your arsenal, but it is. Yes, we’re talking about headshots.


    We’re all about being prepared instead of scrambling to pull things together last-minute. So, of course, we’re including “Have a Professional Headshot” in our list of “Shit You Should Have as a Professional who Wants to be Taken Seriously.”


    You’ll thank us when you’re invited to speak at a conference, asked to include a bio along with a published work, or selected to be featured on an important website.


    People make a decision on whether they can trust you or not based on how you present yourself. A professionally-photographed headshot is an asset you need. It’s most often the first impression people have of you when you submit a proposal to a gallery or to apply for a grant. Hell, even if you’re writing a blog.


    And of course, this investment isn’t just used for applications and conferences. You’ll use it all over the web. You have a website, social profiles, and blog, right? You can - no, you absolutely should - use a professionally-photographed headshot in all of these places. It’ll project a professional image.

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