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    Treating yourself like a business doesn’t mean you’ve sold out. It means you’re thinking long term about your art and, more importantly, your success as an artist. When you get the big call to display your work in a gallery or the opportunity to apply for a grant, you’ll already have the pieces you need and confidence to tell your story in a clear and compelling way. We can’t tell you how many people had to scramble to get their act together. Don’t be that person.


    We specialize in marketing artwork so you don't have to. Spend more time doing what you love.


    Of course, this is inclusive, but not exhaustive, of what we do. We want you to thrive and to create a sustainable living from your practice, so we’re going to do as much as we can to support you. And because you’re keeping everything under one roof, you don’t have the added worry that three or four different people in different studios will create something that speaks to what’s true to you.

    Writing services for creative business owners

    Writing + Editing for Creatives

    When it comes time to write about yourself and your art, you have to present something that’s true to you. The best way for someone to get to know you is with words. 


    So what you share has to be representative of who you are and what you do in the best words possible, right? But sometimes you’re too close to it to write about it effectively. Have you tried writing an about page for yourself that you knocked out of the park on the first try? Yeah, we thought so. This is why we provide writing support for creatives.


    We can help write your website copy, grants, resumes, artist statements… Whatever wordcraft you need to help tell your story, we’ll take your thoughts and mesh them into a cohesive piece that clearly expresses the heart of you and your work.

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    Artwork photography pittsburgh pa

    Artwork Photography

    Everyone says, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but we say, “A picture is worth the investment in your business.”


    We know that isn’t as catchy, but it’s true. Great photography is the difference between making something and finishing a project. You invested a lot of time, thought, and energy into making your thing. The final element is capturing it in an image. Why? It’ll enhance your storytelling with a visual aid - this is usually the first chance a potential client has to see your work, so it needs to be shared in a professional way.


    The catch is that it has to be incredible. The pictures have to capture the essence of what you’ve created. That’s why you have someone on your side who knows a thing or two about photographing art. Then you can share pictures on your website, with clients, with gallery directors, or anyone who’s interested in seeing what you’ve made.


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    marketing artwork with branding & design services

    Art Branding & Design

    Just like you want to create a story that effortlessly tells the world about your art, good design takes the story and presents it in a beautiful way.


    Sometimes it even tells a story without words. You may not be a maestro of the mouse and that’s okay. We’ll leave the painting to you and instead create your business cards, posters, portfolios, lookbooks, and everything graphically-design-centered.


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    marketing artwork with branding & design services

    The Whole Enchilada

    Artist statement, bio, environmental studio photos of you at work, photos of your work, new business cards, and a new website pulling it all together.


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    marketing artwork with branding & design services

    Get Your Sh*t Together

    Sometimes it’s impossible to get specific tasks done until you have a meeting with a person expecting those tasks to be done. GYST sessions include a certain number of in person or email check-ins designed specifically to meet your individual goals, no matter how big or small those goals are. Whether you have a one-time deadline or goals to grow your visibility and sales over time, we can help you be accountable to yourself, by making you accountable to us.


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